Will the MOB do to Rice what it did to UT?

KTRU: Will The Supposedly Fearless MOB Take It On?

Rice's Marching Owl Band, known everywhere as the MOB, is famous for taking no prisoners with its skewering of anything they decided to skewer. (Longhorns are still pissed about the 2007 show dedicated to UT football arrests.)

Rice University administrators these days are famous for being very, very touchy about the school's sale of student radio station KTRU to the University of Houston, even to the point where critics say they're being banned from the Rice Facebook page and their posts deleted.

Rice plays UH at home this weekend. Will the MOB take on the very, very obvious issue?

Maybe not.

We called MOB director Chuck Throckmorton to ask; he sent the request on to Rice spokesman B.J. Almond.

Almond told us he wasn't sure, but he thought the MOB would probably concentrate on its crosstown rival UH as a target, and not the KTRU controversy.

He said he'd check with the MOB and get back to us, but that was a while back and nothing's forthcoming.

Which doesn't necessarily inspire confidence that the MOB will be ballsy enough to tackle the issue.

Or maybe they just want to keep it a surprise. We'll have to wait and see.

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