Kubiak Death Watch: The Bell Tolls for Thee

Our Gary Kubiak death-o-meter is seriously running hot this week after a horrible loss to the New York Jets. Much like the rest of the season, the team rallied, then collapsed and the defense sucked like a turbo charged Dyson.

The Texans are on pace to be one of the worse teams in the history of the NFL having allowed 24 points in every game this season. It's a number so pathetic in its ineptitude that it impossible to understand just why Coach Kubes continues to unflinchingly support his defensive coordinator, Frank Bush.

Team owner Bob McNair continues to give the thumbs up to Kubiak and Co. much to the dismay and exasperation of fans. But, for the life of us, we cannot begin to fathom why Kubiak is still endorsing Bush given the state of the defense.

Unfortunately for him, it may very well be his downfall unless the affable McNair decides to keep another of his good, solid, mediocre citizens in the fold despite his and the team's obvious failings.

For our money, the coach just about sealed his fate this past weekend and it is only the sliver of hope that his owner may offer him a death row pardon that keeps us from putting the meter arrow squarely on "He's Outta Here."

Lucky for us, Houston may be hosting its former franchise, the Tennessee Oilers Titans, this weekend, but the Texans won't be facing favorite son, Vince Young, after being placed on IR with a thumb injury though that may be the least of his worries. No matter, the game will undoubtedly be one more nail in the proverbial coffin and if the Texans do lose to their hated rival, Kubiak will be lucky to make it out of Reliant Stadium alive.

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