Kubiak Deathwatch: Whither Bob McNair's Sanity?

After last week's debacle of a clustermuck in Tennessee, it was probably expected that the needle on the Kubiak Deathwatch meter would be straining forcibly to move to the "He's Outta Here" level.

Alas, such is not the life of a Texans fan.

In one of the strangest speeches ever given by a Houston sports owner, Bob McNair has said the team is on the right track because all of the NFL owners who enjoy the Texans' ineptitude have assured him the squad is only a couple of breaks here and there from the Super Bowl, easy.

If you've seen the new Subway commercials with adults using schoolkid voices, the NFL owners are the woman asking if the sandwich-eating guy wants to be her boyfriend. And McNair is the no-longer-sandwich-eating guy who gets played.

So as much as we'd like to offer hope by edging the needle towards Kubiak Freedom, we must pause to see if Bob McNair gets over his Sally Field "You really like me!!" moment.

Scary, yes. But such is the life of a Texans fan.

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Richard Connelly
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