KUHT Claims Success In Fund-Raising Drive, Needs More

KUHT's big summer drive to make up its Ike-caused shortfall began a little over two weeks ago, and it's already a big success.

The station says it aimed to raise $550,000 (these figures always seem fluid) and they surpassed it, bringing in $632,867and adding 1,570 members to the current 39,000.

That's a lot of Far, Far More Doo-Wop Than You'll Ever Need DVDs. (Actually, we don't know what the big collectible was this time around.

"We're deeply grateful to everyone who contributed to the success of this drive-members, local businesses and foundations-over 80% of our $9 million dollar operating budget comes from community support. We simply could not do what we do here at Channel 8 without their help," says John Hesse, General Manager at HoustonPBS, in a release.

The fund-raising isn't over -- the station is still talking about needing a ton more donations before the fiscal year closes out August 31.

But such is life in public television. KUHT has got to be happy with how things are going.

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