Kung Fu Saloons Agree to Stop Discriminating

Kung Fu Saloons Agree to Stop Discriminating

Minorities have just as much right to hang out at douchey bars as anyone, according to a settlement that ends the U.S. Department of Justice's complaint against Kung Fu Saloons in Houston, Dallas, and Austin.

Triggered by a would-be patron's 2013 complaint against the Dallas location, in which an African-American man was turned away from the bar for allegedly improper footwear while a white bro with the same sneaks was ushered right in, the federal complaint and settlement agreement were filed June 30 in a Dallas federal court. Although the complaint is short on specifics — it doesn't  actually list any incidents at the Austin and Houston locations — all three locations have agreed to implement non-discriminatory standards and practices. 

The consent decree is meant to eliminate what federal prosecutors said was Kung Fu's pattern of practices that deny, or limit the amount of, African-Americans and Asians at its bars. The complaint alleged that, since at least May 2011, the bars' employees have turned black and Asian would-be patrons away, forced them to wait in line longer than white patrons, and "screened event booking requests to limit the number of event bookings by African-American or Asian parties." 

This clearly goes against the vision of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who had a dream (and we paraphrase) that, one day, little white brahs could sit down with little black brahs and totally bro out while imbibing drinks with names like "Dirty Sachez." 

According to a statement on the DOJ's site, "The terms of the decree require the defendants to comply with federal law by not discriminating against patrons on the basis of race, color or national origin; to post and enforce a non-discriminatory dress code policy; to implement a system for receiving and investigating complaints of discrimination; and to conduct monitoring to ensure that Kung Fu Saloon’s employees are acting in a non-discriminatory manner consistent with federal law."

This hopefully resolves things, and we hope that no one else is deprived of their Constitutional rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of total douche-osity. 

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