Kyle Field: Aggies Consider Tearing It Down

Here's a thing we never expected to hear from Texas A&M, which usually guards tradition like it's the essence of life: They're looking at tearing down Kyle Field.

We're not saying Kyle Field shouldn't be replaced -- it's been added onto haphazardly enough to be a strange facility, and there is no doubt a better design would yield massive superbox bucks -- but we just never expected the Aggies to say so.

But they have. They've hired the design firm Populous and say, "The design study phase will explore various design options for Kyle Field, including plans for both a renovated stadium and a new stadium."

Don't worry, Ags: A&M president R. Bowen Loftin is at least paying lip service to the idea of "tradition."

"Our move to the SEC has created a tremendous amount of excitement around Texas A&M, and we are seeing an unprecedented demand for football season tickets," he said. "Our football weekends will provide us with a key vehicle for introducing people around the country to Texas A&M, and we are committed to ensuring that Kyle Field reflects the unique traditions and Aggie spirit embodied by this world-class institution."

And then there's this:

"We feel the Kyle Field stadium redevelopment is wholly unique in that together we have the opportunity to help define a new path for Texas A&M's future in what could become one of the most significant redevelopment projects in all of American sport," said Populous Senior Principal Earl Santee, AIA, who will personally oversee the project. "Our plan for this project is innovative, comprehensive and full of passion. We will seek to define the meaningful moments of Aggie Football: the traditions, the fans and the environment that create a one-of-a-kind experience."

"One of the most significant redevelopment projects in all of American sport"?

Now there are the boastful, un-self-aware Aggies we're more used to.

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