Kyle Scott: Opponents of Lone Star College System Trustee Candidate Want Everyone to Know He Was Found Liable for Punching a 78-Year-old Man in the Face

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Opponents of Lone Star College School System trustee candidate Kyle Scott are circulating a YouTube clip of a man who won a civil suit accusing Scott of punching him in the face in 2009.

Scott, a professor of political science at the University of Houston, had originally been charged with striking Richard Schey after Schey apparently bumped into Scott's vehicle while pulling into a parking spot in the 2400 block of Times Boulevard. (Scott, who was 32 at the time, was charged with injury to an elderly individual, as Schey was 78.) A grand jury no-billed, and Schey subsequently filed his civil suit.

A clip of Schey's interview, along with a sworn affidavit, was sent to media by private investigator Mark Aguirre, a former HPD captain, who did not disclose the name of his employer.

In the clip, Schey recounts his belief that Scott misled the jury, and claims in his statement, "I do not believe that Scott should be elected to this [Lone Star trustee] position because I do not believe he is a truthful person, and I also believe he has a mental problem of anger management."

Schey says the jury awarded him $72,000.

Scott told Hair Balls that he did not assault Schey -- an assertion he says is backed up by the grand jury's refusal to indict him.

"The grand jury...had the benefit of seeing the polygraph test that I took, the polygraph test that confirmed my story that no assault occurred," he said "...There was no evidence of physical injury because there was no physical injury."

Scott said he had no idea why the officer arrested him after speaking with Schey and two witnesses.

"It's his opinion," Scott said of the officer. "...I don't know if it's to his advantage to pursue cases, if it's to his advantage in terms of how promotions and raises work, to get a file charged, I don't know. I don't know what his motivation would be."

Scott also pointed out that the officer only spoke with him for ten minutes on the phone. What Scott left out was why this was a phoner: Witnesses told the investigating officer that Scott fled the scene after attacking Schey. The cop only found Scott because one of the witnesses jotted down his license plate number.

According to the officer's affidavit, one of the witnesses said he saw the driver of the vehicle Schey bumped into jump "out of his car and [run] back to [Schey] while yelling at him." The witness said the man "'jumped through [Schey's] window' and 'choked him out.' [He] stated [the man] 'almost knocked [Schey] out,' because when [Schey] got out of his car, he had trouble standing, and was stumbling."

The other witness, according to the officer's statement, said he saw the same man "punch [Schey] in the face 2-3 times, get back into [his vehicle] and drive away."

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