La Dolce Vita

As we reported a while back, while the rest of the country may be getting pummeled by the jaw-dropping profits being racked up by the energy industry these days, Houston is loving it. (Click here for our story.)

Now the Los Angeles Times has gotten on the bandwagon. They have a feature today headlined "Houston is Feeling Energized" that is heavy on scenes of decadent spending at tony spas and Tony's restaurant.

There's the requisite quote from someone heedlessly dumping on the less well-off: "Would I want to be in Louisiana or Detroit right now? Absolutely not. In Houston, Texas, energy capital U.S.A., when the price of oil is high, you can certainly tell the difference," we hear via Evelyn Gorman, who is described as the owner of "an industrial-chic boutique that sells Bruno Frisoni shoes, Balenciaga handbags and other high-priced fashions."

And there's this:

Like Texans in general, Houstonians love to drive gas-guzzling pickups and sport utility vehicles, which remain a common sight here despite the surge in prices at the pump. In the upscale Galleria shopping district, Texas-sized compact parking spots can fit a tank — and are frequently filled with the urban equivalent, a gleaming new Hummer.

And you wonder why the rest of the country hates us.

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