La Marque City Manager Decides He's Had Enough

Hair Balls talked to La Marque city manager almost two weeks ago about events in his city, which included a crime spree, a resigning mayor, and calls for, well, the city manager to leave too.

Robert Ewart admitted things were a bit hectic, but he indicated it wasn't anything he couldn't handle.

Not anymore.

Ewart resigned this week, telling city council members he was tired of "too much drama."

His aannouncement wasn't exactly met by a chorus of "Oh noooo!" from the council, the Galveston Couty Daily News reports:

"I had mixed feelings about it," Councilman Larry Mann said. "The way I see things, Mr. Ewart has the tendency to lean toward the employees of the city. (I'm) not saying we had any bad employees. Let's just say that there are several occasions that council brings up different requests or questions that, instead of addressing the problem, he would get defensive."

The city's finance director has also resigned, to take a better job.

Much of this comes as a result of the town's attempts to recover from Ike, which haven't been going well.

-- Richard Connelly

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