Lady Gaga, NBA Stars' Names Forged on Contract, Lawsuit Claims

Taiwanese promoters probably couldn't believe their luck when a Houston businessman sent them signed contracts promising appearances by Lady Gaga and NBA stars Shannon Brown, Nick Young, Carl Landry and Will Bynum (okay, maybe they're only "stars" in Taiwan). The promoters gladly paid Ron Siegel and his company, Golden Hoops, $318,000.

They later found out the contracts had been forged, a civil lawsuit in federal court here says.

"Siegel unconditionally agreed to return all such monies on multiple occasions both verbal and in writing," the lawsuit says. "Despite these repeated promises, Siegel has not returned any of these funds."

The promoters, Bros Sports Marketing, had agreed to pay $950,000 for two concerts by Lady Gaga, "whose current Moster Ball tour is one of the most successful concert tours worldwide," the suit says.

They also agreed to pay $350,00 to have the NBA players participate in a "Slam Fest," whatever the hell that is.

There was also an agreement to pay Siegel $25,000 to put on four "Slam Ball" games, which are described as basketball played on trampolines.

The plaintiffs want their money back. Siegel has not responded to the suit.

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