Say "meow" to my little friend!
Say "meow" to my little friend!

Lance Deleon: Cop Accused of Shooting Neighbor's Cat with Crossbow

When the incoming vice president of the Boerne Police Officers Association told the Boerne Business Monthly in 2011, "Sometimes the public's perception of police officers can be associated with negative circumstances...we would like to see that change," we wonder if by "change" he meant "shoot my neighbor's cat with a motherfucking crossbow."

Because that's what Boerne authorities say Officer Lance Deleon did Tuesday. He's been charged with animal cruelty and released after posting $2,000 bail. (He was off-duty at the time of the alleged, uh, crossbowing.)

Fortunately, the two-year-old feline in question -- one Bobby the Cat -- is expected to recover after being treated for a punctured lung and broken right leg, according to the Fox News story.

A phone number listed for Deleon has been disconnected, perhaps because Deleon shot it with a crossbow. Also, his Facebook profile appears to have been taken down.

Oh, and Deleon also told the Boerne Business Monthly, "The majority of the local police officers live in this community. We're your neighbors. We want to be a positive influence."

Strangely, no cats were interviewed for that article. Conspiracy? You be the judge.

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