Lance Zierlein & Charlie Pallilo Teaming Up? Great News for Local Sports Radio

There are a couple of great sportstalk radio hosts in town, guys who regularly rack up Best of Houston® awards in the relevant categories.

Two of the top: Lance Zierlein and Charlie Pallilo.

Both are with KBME 790, and both have faced problems that have hampered their styles.

Pallilo is a nerdlinger stat freak; some cross him off as a know-it-all (a rival station sometimes runs ads subtly referring to him as a "douchebag"). He needs to bounce off a more informal co-host who can keep him grounded, such as when he was with Rich Lord on 610.

Zierlein, after a start-up move at KGOW didn't pan out (unfortunately; his pairing with John Granato was entertaining and informative), moved to KBME's morning show last year.

His problem -- he's drowned out by the other two hosts, who fight cage-death battles trying to get their two cents in.

Neither of the shows shined as a result.

That's about to change, and it's hard to see how it will not be for the better: KBME has announced that Zierlein and Pallilo will be teaming up for an afternoon-drive show.

This should be good stuff -- Zierlein can geek up the stats and history with the best of them, and Pallilo can be funny and riff in the right situation.

Score one for the listeners.

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