Lani Medrano: Teen Son Walks In On Her Having Sex With His Friend

Look, everyone has issues with their mother of one kind or another.

But this Mother's Day, put aside all thoughts of her nagging about your room or lack of a good job and remember this: At least she never put you in the position of walking in on her and your friend doing the dirty.

KTRK reports that police say Lani Nanette Medrano, 34, of Baytown, gave some liquor to a 15-year-old friend of her son last month, and things continued apace from there. To the point where the son walked in on the two.

KTRK says Medrano "provided alcohol to a 15-year-old friend of her son, got him drunk and then engaged in a sex act. Her son reportedly walked in as the pair were having sex."

She faces charges of providing liquor to a minor and sexual assault of a child.

A Baytown martial-arts school lists a Lani Medrano as the manager of its day-care services. "Lani is a mother of four and definitely the person I was looking for when it comes running things," the site says. "Always in charge and aware what each child is doing. She knows the importance of education and what it takes to control a room."

Apparently so.

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