Larry Dressendorfer: Terrible Bike Bandit, Terrific Mugshot Poser

Photo courtesy FBSO
Larry Dressendorfer: It's a GREAT day to get a mugshot!!
​Last Saturday, Richmond police officer Michael Hicks was dispatched to a high noon disturbance in the parking lot of Rosita's Bail Bonds downtown in Fort Bend's quaint old county seat.

There they found an irate man collecting some belongings that had just been taken from his house. The man told police he had seen a bearded, wild-haired, dentally-challenged guy take this stuff from his home a couple of blocks away and ride off on his bike.

A low-speed chase ensured, with the the victim following the bedraggled bicyclist to this parking lot. In the ensuing confrontation, the cyclist, now identified as 53-year-old Larry Dressendorfer, dropped some of the loot and took off again.

Acting on the victim's information, Officer Hicks pursued and found Dressendorfer hiding behind a tree nearby -- with some of the victim's things still concealed on his person or in his bike's baskets.

Dressendorfer, whose Harris County rap sheet includes two felony drug convictions and another for misdemeanor theft, was arrested and transported a couple of blocks down the street to the Fort Bend County Jail. No word on whether Rosita's is providing his bail bond.

While he is charged with felony burglary of a habitation, his stands as one of the happier mug shots we've seen. Maybe he's just happy to be getting out of the heat for a while, even if he has to go to jail.

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