Larry Kaiser of UT-Health Science Center: Still Getting That Sweet Commuting Money?

We first told you in November about Larry Kaiser, the head of the UT-Health Science Center here in Houston, and his seeming sweetheart deal on living and moving expenses.

Kaiser claimed he couldn't sell his Pennsylvania home in this economy, so UT paid $2,500 a month for a condo here and also paid his commuting expenses back and forth to the northeast, a toll that eventually ran into the six figures.

The payments began in May 2008, and even two years later, Kaiser was still getting reimbursed for weekly commuting and the condo here.

The UT Board of Regents approved extending the agreement to July 31 of this year.

So is Kaiser still getting the extra dough?


"Dr. Kaiser's travel reimbursements and housing allowance will not be renewed or extended," Anthony P. de Bruyn, director if public affairs for the UT System, tells Hair Balls.

So maybe Kaiser can start feeling like a real Houstonian, more than two years into his job. UT officials like to emphasize that Kaiser's expenses did not come from taxpayers but from a special fund the Health Science Center has.

By the way, when the Houston Chronicle got around to reporting on the issue, they used a San Antonio Express-News story and did some creative editing.

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