Larry McMurtry: Houston Is the Best Big City in Texas. Dallas Sucks.

Author Larry McMurtry knows a thing or two about the Lone Star State, which is why when he talks, much like EF Hutton in the '70s, people listen. In this case, he was talking to Texas Monthly in an essay about Texas's biggest cities for their February issue, and, as reported on DMagazine.com, he is a big fan of H-Town, but Dallas, not so much.

In fact, he went so far as to call Big D a "second-rate city that wishes it were first-rate." We're not gonna fight you on this one, Larry.

Even more surprising to perhaps everyone except Houstonians was the fact that McMurtry called Houston "first by a large margin," continuing, "It's a great city." Oh, we know. Austin and Fort Worth were right behind on his list. As for Dallas, he quips, "Dallas I haven't enjoyed since the '60s, when I could still scout books at the Harper's big bookshop in Deep Ellum, where my son now often performs."

We're all big fans of McMurtry's work as an author, but we can honestly say we feel he has penned his finest work to date. No disrespect to Lonesome Dove, but when you write something so authoritative, words that resonate with such truth, we say, call the Pulitzer people. We have your winner.

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