Larry The Cable Guy's Touching Art Car Parade Moment

We have been remiss in keeping track of the career of Larry the Cable Guy, so it was news to us that he a) has a History Channel series called Only in America, and b) an episode this summer featured his visit to the 2010 Art Car parade here in Houston.

We now know this because of an interview he did with the Onion's A/V Club, in which he tells of an emotional catharsis he experienced at the event. (An episode guide shows he has also done segments on the Rodeo & Livestock Show and on NASA.)

The Onion asked Dan Whitney, the man who is Larry, if he ever drops character. He says he does all the time, and hates the fact Wikipedia says otherwise.

And then he talks about the Houston moment:

Like when I did the show with the Art Car Parade. This is one of the ones where I said, "This is really going to suck," but I had a great time and it ended up not sucking. I met this guy who's typical of what show is about: "Only in America." It was this Jewish guy from Israel, who all he could think of from the time he was a little kid was that he wanted to be an American. He wanted to move to America and be an American. So finally when he was old enough and he knew what he was doin', he got him a green card and came to America with absolutely nothing. And he met this girl from Mexico who had absolutely nothing. Both of them worked hard and went through the channels, and I think within five years, both of them became citizens of the Untied States. Now the guy's a millionaire because of woodworking, and it's the perfect American story, and it's awesome.

So when I was talking to this guy, I dropped character for most of the show. When I started to tell a joke to the guy, I would dip down into character, because that's what I do. But dude, that guy and I were shedding tears about his story. I mean, we were. That's what the show's about.

Glad to be of service, Larry.

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