Lashonda Moye, 37, Found in Bathtub: Bayou Body Count No. 74

Houston police have identified the mother of two who was found dead in her bathtub early this morning. She's 37-year-old Lashonda Moye.

At 1:05 a.m. today, HPD got a call from Moye's house reporting a home invasion. When police arrived on the scene, no one answered the door and it seemed like no one was home.

Officers peeked through a window and saw two bodies lying partially clothed in a bathtub full of water, HPD says. They kicked down the door and rushed both victims to the hospital. Moye was pronounced dead on arrival. Her boyfriend, Nathan Mitchell, only had minor injuries. Police also reported the woman's seven-year-old son missing, since he wasn't home, but it turned out he'd spent the night with relatives.

The autopsy report on Moye should come out later today or tomorrow. HPD hasn't said anything about foul play yet, but they probably will.

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Mitchell Slapik
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