Weather Week: Enjoy This Last Gasp of Winter

We didn't expect to need this so deep into March, but here we are.
We didn't expect to need this so deep into March, but here we are. Photo by Virginia State Parks/Flickr via CC
We took a glance at the calendar on Sunday. It said March 31, but we swore it was January 31. Temperatures hovered in the 50s all day long under overcast skies. We avoided rainfall, which made the day not too bad, even outside assuming you had a jacket on. You'll get one more day of this cool weather before things begin to get back to normal spring in Houston.

Monday should be a stunner of a winter day in Houston, even if it is April 1. Lows will dip into the low 40s, so you will definitely want to dress warmly for that morning walk. Highs won't make it much above 60 degrees under mostly sunny skies. It will be chilly, but it will be beautiful.

Tuesday might be even better than Monday. Winds will start to shift out of the east we will still remain dry and mostly sunny with highs in the low 70s and lows in the 50s.

By Wednesday, a southerly flow should return and bring clouds and humidity with it ahead of a front that will bring rainfall by Thursday. It will still be relatively cool with highs only in the low 70s, but it will still feel muggy and low temperatures will barely be 10 degrees cooler than highs

As the front pushes into the area on Thursday, there will be a good chance of showers and thunderstorms setting up what could be a relatively wet weekend. But, we'll save that for Thursday. Hopefully, a good bout of rain will also help knock out some of the massive levels of pollen we've had recently.
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Jeff Balke is a writer, editor, photographer, tech expert and native Houstonian. He has written for a wide range of publications and co-authored the official 50th anniversary book for the Houston Rockets.
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