Last Call For Art: No Need To Rush

Photo courtesy Houston Family Arts Center
​On a Labor Day weekend you might have other things on your mind that Art-with-a-capital-A (Such as, say, football-football-football), so you're lucky that there's not a huge list of shows closing this weekend that you only have one last chance to enjoy.

But there are two things in now-or-never mode.

Eclectic Compilations at the Galleria Lazzara is described as "a self defined exhibit featuring the artists Bryan Dominguez, Bethany Robert, Jennifer Pod, David Moore, and Gabriel Mack. Art that consist of mixed media. Objects that were once rejected, possibly due to its inability to function on the level it was created; it has been collected to regain a purpose to create a sense of freedom from emotions, status quo, and the past."

The gallery is at 5400 Mitchelldale.

We have to assume you're a fan of Lanford Wilson, because you're reading a blog item at least partly about the stage, and he's one of American's great playwrights.

Talley's Folly is his Pulitzer Prize-winning look at two lovers in the 1940s, meeting one night in a boathouse to share secrets and love. It's part of Wilson's Talley Trilogy, but easily and entertainingly stands on its own.

The Houston Family Arts Center in north Houston is putting on this production; tickets are $16, with discounts for seniors and kids.

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