Overnight Sunday into Monday, cool air will filter into the Houston area.
Overnight Sunday into Monday, cool air will filter into the Houston area.
Photo courtesy of National Weather Service

Don't Sweat It: Houston Will Finally Get Some Chilly Weather Next Week

It's October and it's still hot outside. This is the complaint every year in Houston. It is usually preceded by some sort of tease of fall weather. Just after Hurricane Harvey, we had an unseasonable blast of cool air to help us dry out. We all wanted to believe fall was on the doorstep, but this is Texas and the seasons typically change about twice a year, from hot to cool and back to hot again.

However impatient we may have been for the arrival of autumn, it really is on the way next week and should spell the end to 90-degree weather for the rest of the year.

Before our cool snap, we will have to deal with the last hot breath of summer on our necks, and man, is it unpleasant. Temperatures will continue to hover in the low 90s through Sunday and humidity will be high. It will feel a lot more like August than October.

But by the time you get up on Monday, a lot will have changed. While this week we saw low temperatures dip into the mid and upper 60s, with mild highs in the low 80s, it is unlikely to climb above the upper 70s on Monday, with temperatures overnight Monday into Tuesday in the mid 50s in some areas. Tuesday morning will be downright nippy for those of us so used to summer weather.

As the front gets closer on Sunday, a few areas might see a stray shower, but most of the region will remain dry. And that dry weather will continue through most of the workweek, as will the cooler weather. In fact, don't expect a high that eclipses 89 this week or probably for any other week in the near term. Those days, thankfully, are behind us.

Looking ahead about two weeks out, we could see even cooler weather, with lows bottoming out perhaps in the upper 40s. For now, take in your last few chances to get a swim or grab some warm sunny time outdoors, because the cool weather is about to be here to stay.

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