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Last Minute Plans: Houstonist Pub Crawl

It’s time again to fraternize with our enemies. Okay, so maybe the folks at Houstonist.com aren’t arch rivals – in fact they’re more like people who just also do what we do and try to capture the same readers we do – but it’s not like we’re competing or anything, right?

Hmm… All this confusion is making us thirsty. Well, it’s a good thing Houstonist is sponsoring another pub crawl. (Yes, that’s what we were trying to get at with all of this.) The crawl is to celebrate Houston’s 171st Birthday – but, wait wasn’t that yesterday?

“We didn’t think it would be a good idea to have pub crawl on a Thursday,” says Houstonist editor Jim Parsons.

“We’re focusing on bars in historic buildings in the Market Square area because that was really the original downtown Houston,” says Parsonist. “So, we’re going to hit some historic bars that also serve drinks, starting at the State Bar, which is in the Rice Hotel, which is located on the site of the first capitol of the Republic of Texas."

Parsonist is full of fun facts about Houston – he’s also a volunteer with the Greater Houston Preservation Alliance. We’re guessing that means you’re going to give a small history lesson at each stop, right Jim?


You’re not going to be giving…

“I will not.”

… tidbits of information …


If somebody asks will you inform them?

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“Well, yeah if somebody asks; if I can understand them,” he says and then impersonates a drunk person asking about Houston. (Parsonist is a pretty funny guy.) We weren’t drunk at the time of the interview so we asked for short history lesson:

“It is a historical fact that when Houston was founded it had more saloons than just about anything. So, earlier Houstonians like to drink, and we still like to drink,” says Parsonist, adding that this is yet another reason we’ll be celebrating Houston’s big day with a frosty cold one. But, Parsonist reminds us, the night will also include saying goodbye to another favorite past time.

“Friday is the last time you can smoke in bars, so we encourage everybody to smoke ‘em if they got ‘em.”

The night starts out at the State Bar at 6 p.m. and Parsonist says everyone will have to show up to see where the group goes from there. Those who don’t think they can make it before the group leaves at around 6:30 can sign up on twitter.com/houstonist to receive text-message notifications on where the group is headed. Some folks from Houstoned will also be there, so come and say “hi” and buy us a drink. – Dusti Rhodes

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