Latasha Connor: Cinnabon Enthusiasm Gets 10-Year Ban From Mall

Fox 26 has the story of Latasha Connor, who likes movies at Deerbrook Mall, and Cinnabons at Deerbrook Mall.

Who doesn't?

Connor might have been too enthusiastic about her Cinnabon love, though -- she got a citation from a Humble cop and was banned from the mall for 10 years. Her crime? "Failure to produce ID," according to the citation.

That is some harsh mall-copping right there.

Connor says she was going to a movie at Deerbrook and stopped to get a Cinnabon. After the movie, the Cinnabon urge hit again.

She went to the food court and said "Hey Marquise, what's going on? Time for another Cinnabon. I'm back." (When you know your Cinnabon dealer by his first name....)

She says a Humble cop approached her and said she was too loud and asked for ID. She didn't have any but gave her name and address and date of birth.

It took 15 minutes or so, she said, until a mall cop could be summoned, and that's when she got the citation which announced she was banned from the mall for 10 years.

Mall cops!! FEEL THEIR POWER!!!

After Fox contacted the mall, management rescinded the banning, which is awfully nice of them.

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