LaTasha Stauts: Lady Gangsta from Southwest Side Faces Three Aggravated Assault Charges

LaTasha Danyelle Stauts is back behind bars, and at least three women are breathing a sigh of relief. Stauts, 23, is accused of punching two of them in the face with a pair of brass knuckles and menacing the third with a knife.

Court documents imply that Stauts is a member of a violent girl gang called the Get It Boys Click, or GIB. Two of Stauts's alleged victims have reported ongoing problems with the GIB, including the victim in the latest incident, which took place after midnight on New Year's at and in front of the Exclusive Lounge in the 3100 block of Fountainview.

According to the report, Stauts attacked her victim near the dance floor. Stauts, who the victim has further alleged to have bullied her at Houston Community College, is reported to have walked across the club and pushed the woman for no reason. Stauts and the woman then started arguing, whereupon Stauts attempted to clock the woman with a beer bottle. Bouncers then ejected Stauts and four of her friends, while the woman remained in the club until the coast was clear.

Or at least she thought it was...

Although the woman waited an hour for Stauts and her girls to split, evidently the GIB has little better to do than lie in wait, even in the wee hours of New Year's Day. As the woman crossed the parking lot across the street from the club, several cars converged on her and disgorged some 15 girls, who surrounded the victim.

Stauts was among them and is alleged to have been screaming "Come and get your papers" to her victim. (We don't know what that means either.) The report then states that Stauts stripped off her shirt and slipped her fist into a set of black brass knuckles and punched her victim in the face several times, causing "extreme pain" and bloodshed.

Then the woman reports being held on the ground by some of the other girls while Stauts continued working her over. She also reported that a significant amount of her hair was ripped from her scalp.

After the attack was over, she was taken to a hospital where she received several stitches.

She is just the latest victim. Stauts is accused of beating another woman with knuckles back in June, and in May, court records state that she pulled a knife on a third woman in her own driveway, who backed her down by whipping out a pistol.

That woman had reported that one of Stauts's buddies had beaten her up, and Stauts was reportedly out for revenge: She is alleged to have shown up in the woman's driveway hollering, "Yeah bitch, we been waiting for you, we finna kill you, step out here in the street."

As of now, all three of these cases are hanging over Stauts's head. She is currently being held without bond in the Harris County Jail.

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