Photos by Robb Walsh
El Ultimo at Long Point and Antoine: One of the few tacos trucks that specializes in breakfast.

Late Desayuno, Anyone?

El Ultimo Breakfast Taco

El Ultimo Taco is the name of a shiny new taco truck parked in front of a carwash at the Southwest corner of Long Point and Antoine. I pulled over one morning because I saw the word "desayuno" painted on the side of the truck. The sanitary standards here are exceptional. Both the man and woman behind the counter were wearing hair nets!

You hardly ever see breakfast tacos in Mexico. Bacon and eggs on a flour tortilla is a Tex-Mex invention. And, in fact, El Ultimo Taco is the only taco truck I've seen in Houston with a wide selection of breakfast tacos. (Please tell me if you know of others!)

Pretty amazing for a buck apiece.

You can get scrambled eggs mixed with bacon, ham, potatoes, nopalitos, machacado (shredded beef), chorizo, or roasted peppers on a corn or flour tortilla for a dollar a piece. And the tacos are huge. There's no coffee, but there fresh fruit agua frescas available.

I sampled three egg tacos, one with machacado, one with nopalitos and one with chorizo. The flour tortillas were hand made and all three tacos were generously stuffed. They all tasted great, but the chorizo was truly exceptional. And the thick green salsa served on the side was super hot.

Highly recommended for your proximo desayuno! -- Robb Walsh

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.