Late Nite Pie Owner Felicity Burris Also Charged with Arson: "The Business Need[s] To Be Gone Soon," She Told Manager

Owner Felicity Burris also hit with charges.A second person has been charged with arson in connection with the blaze at Montrose mainstay Late Nite Pie.

Felicity D. Burris, 35, has been charged, joining manager Raymond Pecher, who was charged with arson earlier this month.

Burris is being held without bond because she is on deferred adjudication for a 2010 felony forgery of a financial instrument case.

Late Nite Pie, which was commonly believed to be having severe financial problems, burned in the early hours of February 8.

Court documents say Pecher has confessed to lighting the fire, and that "he did so at the request of Felicity Burris."

The arson was initially planned for December, court documents state, because the business was in financial trouble. But it was put off.

Pecher "stated that 'About a week prior to the fire Felicity Burris told me that the business needed to be gone soon, and on the morning of the fire, Felicity called me on my cell phone and asked me if it was going to be done today,'" court documents show.

Pecher said Burris promised to "take care of him" and that she had paid his rent since the fire.

Court documents say Shane Strahan, who lives with Burris and is her personal assistant, heard several conversations about burning the business down.

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