Laura Lee Day, Wicked Stepmother, Charged in Connection with Drowning of 6-Year-Old Stepson

At first, the death of six-year-old Taylor Syring seemed like just another example of a tragedy that is all too common on Texas beaches: a young child gets a little too far out in the surf, a parent gets distracted and the child drowns.

But almost right from the start, police in Corpus Christi were suspicious of Laura Day, Taylor's 47-year-old stepmom and the sole witness to the incident near Bob Hall Pier last Friday.

At the hospital where the child's sand-streaked body was pronounced lifeless, Day told cops that she had allowed Taylor to take off his life jacket in gentle, shallow surf, and then, after she laid out to catch some sun, suddenly, the child disappeared, only to resurface floating face-down.

Day also told police that instead of calling 911, she grabbed Taylor, carried him to her car and drove him to a hospital 12 miles away. She told police that she believed that it would have taken paramedics too long to arrive, but Google Maps shows a Corpus Christi fire station less than three miles from Bob Hall Pier. She told police that while she is a diver and knows CPR, she admitted not administering CPR to Taylor Syring.

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John Nova Lomax
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