Laura Resendez: Another Woman Sues Over Alleged Sexual Assault In Iraq

Houston-based energy services companies have gotten plenty of ink over the past several years due to allegations and accusations that male employees working in places such as Iraq have raped and abused their female co-workers. Much of it is thanks to industry giants such as Halliburton and KBR.

But even the smaller players can get dragged into this ol' game.

Enter The Aim Group. A former employee from Gregg County is suing the local company, which has worldwide operations, for sexual abuse, wrongful termination and retaliation.

According to the lawsuit filed by Laura Resendez, she was sexually assaulted by an executive while working in Iraq and then fired. Resendez claims that within hours after the sexual assault, the executive canned her for "not performing her job in a satisfactory manner."

But that was only the beginning, Resendez claims.

After being fired in Iraq, says Resendez, the executive had her escorted off the base on which they were working and flown to Jordan. There, Resendez was supposed to spend the night and then catch a flight back to the United States.

But when she arrived in Amman, according to the lawsuit, which was first reported by Courthouse News Service, she discovered that the executive had canceled her hotel and plane reservations.

Resendez says she found herself stranded in a foreign city with no money, place to stay or way to get out. She was forced to seek help from her friends and co-workers as she "desperately tried to find a safe place to stay while she figured out a way to get back home."

As an added insult, Resendez claims, her bosses stopped payment on her final paychecks for the last two weeks of work that she completed, and refuse to return her personal belongings, which she was allegedly not allowed to take with her when she was thrown off the base in Iraq.

Resendez is seeking back wages and punitive damages.

We called The Aim Group for a response and were told the only person who could comment on the suit would not be available until September 11.

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