Lawrence Daniel: Expects Reward for Stolen Compressor, Goes to Jail Instead

If you're gonna attempt a low-grade redneck ransom plot, you might want to make sure you don't have any felony warrants out first.

That's what 45-year-old Lawrence Daniel of Corpus Christi found out last week. This wild and woolly, ornery-lookin' critter called an auto parts shop there and said he would bring them back an air-conditioning compressor he believed had been stolen from the premises, but if and only if the store would bestow upon him a tidy little cash reward.

The store manager played along but also called police, who accompanied him to Daniel's no doubt immaculate, tastefully decorated home. Once there, police discovered the fact that Daniel had a Victoria County warrant for felony DWI.

Oops! No reward for you, Larry! Daniel went to the pokey instead, and there he is being held without bond.

The compressor was returned, and Corpus cops are attempting to find out how it came into Daniel's possession. He has said he "found" it, but we've yet to see an a/c compressor with wanderlust and the means to get around on its own.

Corpus's own Bill Engvall seems apropos about now.

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