Lawsuit: Boss Shows Nude Pics of Temp's Fiancee, Tells Office, "It's a Good Thing She Shaves"

It's bad enough when the entire office is treated to nude pictures of your fiancee, we're sure; things get worse when the display includes a critique of her grooming habits.

A Harris County man says he experienced the latter and has filed a suit against the company where he says the incident took place.

The man says he was hired as a temp by Deepwater Corrosion Services and, when he arrived on the job, got permission from his boss to use the office computer to recharge his cell phone.

The boss then, according to the suit, went to the computer and the fun began.

The boss "accessed certain private material on [plaintiff's] cell phone and displayed the same on his laptop computer, specifically pictures of [plaintiff's] fiancee...without any clothing," the suit says.

The plaintiff -- we're not naming him for the fiancee's sake -- figured something was amiss in the worst possible way: He "noticed several people congregating around [the boss's] desk, and he walked over to inquire what might be going on. He was greeted with laughs and inappropriate comments, not the least of which came from [the boss], who stated, 'It's a good thing she shaves.'"

Geez, you try to pass on a compliment saying something is "a good thing" and you end up in court. What's this country coming to?

The plaintiff is seeking unspecified damages.

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