Lawsuit: Dr. Michael Brown Gave Me Herpes

A woman has sued former hand doc Michael Brown for allegedly knowingly giving her anal and vaginal herpes.

Filed in a New York County court under the pseudonym "Chris Stevens," the lawsuit claims that Brown was already taking medication for herpes while he was seeing a businesswoman he met in Aspen in 2009. According to the suit, it's a violation of New York law to "engage in sexual activities without so advising" one's partner that one has a sexually transmitted disease.

The suit alleges that the woman discovered she had herpes in December 2011, after Brown "had forcibly had anal sex with the plaintiff," despite the fact that the couple "agreed to take whatever medical tests were necessary to determine that neither of them had any sexually transmitted diseases...." (Although they initially met in 2009, the relationship didn't really kick off until about July 2011, according to the suit).

Additionally, the suit states, Brown "falsely claimed he had taken the necessary tests and was free of any STD's. In fact, it was later discovered that the defendant had been taking medication for herpes for a substantial period of time."

The woman last saw Brown in New York on Christmas, and he dropped her off at Niagara Falls (via private plane) on December 26, 2011, according to the suit. (Brown had "arranged for at least three apartments to be rented in New York" for the couple to stay in, including a suite at the Waldorf.)

Hair Balls reported Tuesday that, during the time of this alleged relationship, Brown had allegedly paid for the company of four strippers.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.