Lawsuit: Michael Brown Sexually Assaulted Unconscious Woman

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Michael "She Had a Nice Ass and I Was Hard" Brown allegedly "sexually assaulted an unconscious woman on his boat in the presence of others," according to a lawsuit filed by Brown's former chief of staff.

In the suit, filed in Harris County District Court, Ray von Proctor claims he was demoted as chief of staff of the Brown Medical Center in part for refusing to go along with "discussions" of paying off two female employees who "produced statements" about the alleged sexual assault. The suit provides no other details of the alleged incident, and we can find no record of related criminal charges.

Amazingly, von Proctor buries this tidbit in a suit accusing Brown of stealing von Proctor's personal information to finance his pimpin' Miami Beach lifestyle.

Brown's attorney, Robert Hantman, said the allegation was "part of von Proctor's imagination and fantasy" and that von Proctor was simply a disgruntled employee who was "living vicariously through the doctor, making this up. Probably a dream that he had, a dream that he had and wished was himself."

Hantman said von Proctor's salary had been cut to help Brown's businesses pay creditors, and that the lawsuit was "retaliation."

Von Proctor is "full of rage and jealousy and envy," he added.

Von Proctor is also suing Charles Cave, the CFO for Brown's constellation of companies (and a huge fan of pleading the Fifth). He accuses Cave of misappropriating his personal information to secure a $600,000 line of credit -- "funds that could be funneled to Dr. Brown."

Von Proctor also claims that Brown surreptitiously listed him as the president of a Florida corporation that purchased an $8.3 million mansion -- in violation of a previous court order -- one month before Brown filed for bankruptcy protection.

He also claims that Brown issued a memo threatening to "fire your ass" if he (von Proctor) didn't cut off certain payments to Brown's estranged wife, Rachel.

In all the years we've written about Brown, von Proctor has never deigned to speak to us -- even when employees of Brown's companies called us in fear of losing their jobs because of Brown using his businesses as his personal piggy bank. So we find it especially repugnant for him to wait until he was allegedly harmed -- and then to throw in this sexual assault accusation on top of it. Did von Proctor even alert the authorities? Would he have even told anyone else about this alleged incident if he hadn't felt financially slighted? That's a question we have for his lawyer, Ellen Sprovach, and we've already begun holding our breath for her return call.

Prior to being "chief of staff" for Brown's company, Surgeon's Management Inc., von Proctor oversaw the staff at Brown's Memorial Drive Mansion, now occupied by Rachel Brown. Why this guy didn't realize his job was basically to be a stooge is beyond us -- or maybe he was cool being a stooge as long as other people got screwed and not him.

We called the Brown Hand Center and asked to speak to von Proctor about his very serious allegation. Instead, we got passed to a guy -- he declined to give his name -- who said he really wanted to help, and then hung up. We called back several times, stressing the severity of von Proctor's unsubstantiated allegation, asking if von Proctor or the company's reconstruction officer, retired U.S. Army General David Grange, were available. No such luck.

Great job, Brown Hand Center!

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