Lawyer of Accused Tutu Flasher Says His Client Was Wearing Underwear While Exposing Himself

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There's nothing like getting caught with your pants...er...tutu down.

While it may be embarrassing, the attorney of a man accused of flashing a local salon says baring your balls from underneath a tutu is hardly indecent exposure. After all, his client, who has been accused of doing just that, had on some sort of "shielding" undergarment, too.

That accused tutu flasher is 51-year-old Richard James Staples, owner of a pest control business in Huntsville. Staples appeared in a Harris County court Tuesday on charges stemming from accusations that he flashed clients of a salon in Spring while wearing only a tutu, bustier, fishnets and stilettos.

Deputies say they were called to the Regency Hair Salon in North Harris County November 12th after a number of people reported a tutu-clad man exposing his genitals and buttocks. The incident was caught on tape by one woman, during which a man in a bustier and thigh-high fishnets can be seen walking toward a large red truck with his entire ass exposed.

According to police, they identified Staples after his massive red truck and that pesky unique license plate number were found on footage from security cameras at surrounding businesses. Three of the victims were also able to identify Staples from photo spreads, police say.

Staples was arrested last Friday and charged with indecent exposure, a misdemeanor.

Carl Haggard, Staples' attorney, spoke out after court Tuesday, telling channel 13 that his client is sorry for the incident, but that he plans to dispute the charges, because he was wearing underwear -- which he calls a "demi veil" -- during the incident.

"It's nothing that he is proud of. He is happily married. His wife has stood by side him during great times of tribulation," Haggard told reporters outside the courtroom. "I'll tell you that not only is he sorry. He's sought help for this in the past."

Officials believe that Staples may have been involved in other tutu-flashing incidents. The Harris County Constable's Office cites six other recent reports of a man with a similar description flashing people at other Houston-area locations.

Staples was released Tuesday on $1,000 bond, and has been ordered to stay away from places that are frequented by children or the complainants. No word on whether it's still okay for Staples to wear those hot acrylic heels, though.

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