Lea Michele: Glee Star's Cosmo Cover Too Hot for East Texas

Who knew East Texans were big fans of burkhas?

They apparently want Glee star Lea Michele to wear one.

The Brookshire's grocery chain has removed the Cosmo magazine pictured on the right from its shelves because...because....because it shows about as much skin as a prom dress?

A spokesman told TV station KETK that parents had complained about seeing the cover in the checkout line. We assume they'd prefer to see Amish Women Monthly or Glimpse of Stocking magazine. The magazines were replaced by a sign saying customers could buy one by asking for it, thus exposing themselves as porn hounds to all of the Piney Woods.

Michele, by the way, is 24 years old, which is just about the average age for anyone who plays a high school student on TV.

To be fair to East Texas, maybe what was offending people was the horrifying image of a man's most sensitive region being tragically scarred for life by melting boxer briefs.

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