Leave Beltran Alone

So, what happens when the Astros run into a good pitcher? Well, they lose. Like on Wednesday when Cole Hamels shut them down. And last night, when John Maine shut them down.

The Astros lost 6-2 last night. The Astros lost to a Mets team that had just been swept by a Colorado Rockies team that had appeared dead when playing the Astros. And while the Astros lost 6-2, I’ve got to point out that the game wasn’t as close as the score indicates. The Astros were never in this game. Not after Jose Reyes led off the game with a triple to deep center, then went into score just one batter later.

The Astros record is now 37-49. The Milwaukee Brewers lost again, but instead of gaining a game on the slumping Brewers, the Astros stayed 11.5 games back. While the Astros aren’t taking advantage of the Brewers losing streak, the Cubs have appeared from nowhere to move within 4.5 games.

Who could’ve seen that coming?

Wandy Rodriguez gets the start tonight.

And that ends the summary, but now, for a little something else.

I address to some of you Astros fans, and you know who you are.

Carlos Beltran signed with the New York Mets because he was offered more money. So. Get. The. Fuck. Over. It. Already! It’s done. Let it go.

You idiots don’t boo Jeff Kent. You wouldn’t have booed Nolan Ryan. You don’t boo Randy Johnson. So why do you boo Carlos Beltran?

Do you people really expect me to believe that you would’ve turned more money to stay here? It’s not like the guy had a long term attachment to the city? He’d only been here for half a season. Hell, we learned yesterday that Craig Biggio was desperate to get out of this city, it’s just that nobody wanted him.

And you’re angry at his agent Scott Boras. Why? The guy did his job. Don’t you wish this guy worked for you? And he outsmarted the genius that is Drayton McLane. You would’ve thought that after Tom Hicks got taken in by Boras over A-Rod that Drayton would’ve learned.

So leave Beltran alone. He did what anyone would’ve done. Even you. – John Royal

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.