Lee Harvey Oswald's Coffin For Sale: Christmas Shopping DONE!

Forget trying to fight the crowds at Ikea or Toys R Us. Lee Harvey Oswald's coffin is for sale!!

No, don't be so ghoulish -- you don't get the one he's buried in now. This coffin is the utterly unghoulish one he was buried in from 1963 to 1981, when he was exhumed to see if the coffin actually held the body of a Russian spy. (It didn't, so you have certifiable proof Lee slept eternal sleep here!)

Nate D. Sanders Auctions is the place to go for all your Lee Harvey Oswald coffin needs.

Buyer beware: This coffin is sold as is:

As Lee Harvey Oswald's coffin was lifted, evidence of extensive water damage to the casket was apparent -- the cover was weak in many areas and in one place had caved in partially exposing the remains. The coffin's wood exterior was very soft from moisture damage, and had dark areas of discoloration. Visible along the sides were the tarnished original metallic ornamentation. The interior of the casket also showed splotchy dark discoloration and moisture-softening of the wood. A portion of the original fabric that lined the top of the casket had fallen upon the decomposed remains.

So if you're thinking of using it for Grandma, you probably should think again.

The current bid is $1,000, which doesn't meet the reserve price, so get in there and start shopping!!

Does not include: "Free Cuba" pamphlets, shiny shoes once worn by "hobos," and "I'm a patsy!" buttons, or receipts for payment from Sam Giancana.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.