Lee Harvey Oswald's Wedding Ring on the Auction Block

As we roll up to the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination, a lot of weird stuff keeps getting brought up and it seems like everything that was ever even slightly related to the president, Jackie, or his assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, is up on the auction block. The frenzy of merchandising and trading on all things related to the JFK assassination now includes Oswald's wedding ring.

Before he set up shop in the Book Depository in downtown Dallas to wait for JFK's car to motor by, Oswald made one last attempt to make things work with his wife Marina. Obviously that didn't work out and the last time he saw his wife, Oswald allegedly left his gold wedding ring -- bought from a jewelry store in Minsk -- and all of his cash behind on the night stand next to Marina's bed at Ruth Paine's house in Irving., just outside of Dallas.

From there Oswald went on to a date with the president at Dealey Plaza, before he himself was arrested for the assassination and then shot by Jack Ruby. Ruth Paine, who Marina had been staying with, gave the wedding ring to the Secret Service. From there the ring, a simple gold band with Russian words and a hammer and sickle engraved on the inside, ended up in the hands of Fort Worth lawyer Forrest Markward, according to RR Auction, the company handling the sale of the ring.

It sat in a file for decades, until Markward retired. The ring resurfaced -- kind of like the one from Lord of the Rings -- and while Marina first said she had no interest in that particular souvenir, she went ahead and reclaimed it, just in time to put it up for auction as the 50th anniversary of the assassination draws near.

Whoever gets the ring in the auction will also get a five-page letter from Marina herself, written in May 2013 and describing the day Oswald left his wedding ring behind as "the worst day of my life." She also explained she's selling the ring because she wants nothing to do with anything connected with November 22, 1963. Fair enough. Luckily for her, odds are good someone else will totally pay a lot of money for even a sliver of such a connection.

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