Photo courtesy HPD
Leonard Campbell

Leonard Campbell & Bobby Henry: 150 Montrose Burglaries In The Past Year

Houston police have arrested two men they believe are responsible for up to 150 burglaries in the Montrose area in the past year

Leonard Campbell, 50, and Bobby Henry, 40, were both arrested this month. HPD says Campbell can be tied to 107 burglaries and Henry to 50 or so. "That accounts for more than half of all home burglaries reported in the surrounding Montrose area during the past 12 months,"HPD says. 

Campbell was arrested October 18 when police were investigating a break-in in the 2100 block of Park Street.

An officer "spotted a suspicious male walking with a lap top bag in the 2200 block of Dunlavy. When the suspect dropped the bag and fled on foot for numerous blocks, [the officer] ran after him and took him into custody as he was trying to jump over a fence."

Spry for a 50-year-old!

Photo courtesy HPD
Bobby Henry

Henry's was more of a citizen's arrest -- a resident spotted him taking glass out of his home's window and poking his head in. The resident then followed Henry -- not always a good move, to be sure, and called the cops to tell them where they could find him.

He was arrested with a laptop determined to have been taken from a home in the 400 block of Welch.

Increased burglaries in Montrose have led HPD to go door-to-door offering tips.

"Our focus when we go door-to-door and in our interactions year round is to educate the citizens we serve and protect that the police alone can not reduce burglaries," said Sergeant R.V. Wilson of the Central Patrol Division.  "We need to work together," he added.  "In suspect Henry's arrest, we could not have made that arrest without the help of an alert citizen."

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