Leonard Sawyerr: Lawyer Exposes Erect Dick On Plane, Somehow Doesn't Get Laid

Apparently some pick-up lines work better than others. Showing a seatmate your erect dick and then asking if she really wants to climb over you to get out? Unsuccessful, if Leonard Sawyerr's experience is any indication.

Sawyerr (the extra "r" is for stupid) was convicted today in a Houston federal court of two counts of lewd, indecent or obscene acts.

Sawyerr is a registered California lawyer (not for long) now living in Texas, and in February 2011 he was flying Continental from LA to here.

Note his smooth style, as described by prosecutors:

Sawyerr insisted the arm rest between he and [a] woman remain raised to eliminate any physical barrier and...during the flight he continuously asked her personal questions. When efforts to terminate the conversations failed, the woman put on her ear phones and began watching a movie on her iPhone.

At some point during the flight, Sawyerr raised his tray table and the woman observed his erect genitals protruding out of his pants. As she tried to move, he got up and turned towards her with his genitals exposed, at which time he asked if she wanted to climb over him. At that point, she was able to change seats and he then put his genitals back in his pants.

Cockblocked! But not for long. Later, a flight attendant said Sawyerr walked to the back bathroom and she

noted he was staring at her strangely which made her feel uncomfortable. Sawyerr exited the bathroom and began to return to his seat, but suddenly looked back, turned around and walked back towards her.

He entered the bathroom again and, upon his exit, opened his jacket revealing his erect genitals sticking out of his pants. When the flight attendant told him he was being inappropriate, Sawyerr stated, "can't a guy have his fly undone?" and returned to his seat.

Sawyerr didn't completely lose his senses during the flight, however. Another flight attendant "overheard Sawyerr mentioning the impact the matter could have on his legal career."

He'll be sentenced in August and faces up to 90 days in prison and a $5,000 fine on each count.

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