Lesbian Video!! Get In on the Action!!

Are you a lesbian? Are you single? Do you live in Texas? Are you not freaked out by the idea of living your life online? No, we're not here to offer you a gig on our fledgling "erotica" Web site, but to tip you off to a casting call for thw web reality series Lezbeproud.

Filmed in Austin and Dallas, the show follows two sets of lesbian couples, but is seeking a single "lady who doesn't mind exposing her life to find true love. This 'single' lady must have a fun attitude, amazing personality, a few character flaws (so we know you are just like us), and most importantly you must have an open heart free from past jaded relationships. Is that even possible in the lesbian world?" (Uh, is that even possible in the non-lesbian world?)

The show centers around Dawn, an ex-Marine with two daughters, and her girlfriend Debbie, who owns an automotive advertising company; Lauren, born into a wealthy family in Saigon, and forced to give up the silver spoon when she moved to Dallas at age ten, and her girlfriend Kristi, raised in a strict Southern Baptist home that wasn't exactly down with hot, sweet gal-on-gal action. (They had us at "Asian lesbian.")

Premiering April 15, the show invites people to "step inside our world, see a true representation of Texas Lesbian lifestyle, break away from the traditional stereotype and share our journey [sic]."

So hurry up and submit your photo and story to the producers before some lucky lesbian beats you to the punch. Which actually sounds like the title to another show....

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.


Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.