Lesley Pehrigo: Prison for Indecency with Four-Year-Old Boy in 1999; Gets Out & Violates Parole by Having Contact with Him

Lesley Pehrigo's career as a sex offender seems odd and details are sketchy.

But if online records are correct, she went to prison for indecency with a child -- a four-year-old child. The incident, of which there aren't many details handy, happened in 1999.

She did her time and got out. On Friday she went behind bars, arrested for violating parole conditions by having contact with her victim, a boy who would be around 17 by now.

Pehrigo, 38, was living in Hays County as a registered sex offender, says the office of state Attorney General Greg Abbott.

It's difficult to wrap your head around this one -- abusing a four-year-old boy is terrible enough; but then what apparently happened only makes it stranger. According to the AG's office, after serving her sentence she goes back to the same dude, who no longer is an utterly helpless four-year-old but a kid around 17 -- a kid, however, who may be open to manipulation by a disturbed older woman.

As we say, there's little info available as we write this, but records show that Pehrigo was sentenced to a 10-year prison term for the 1999 incident, and she entered TDCJ to begin serving that term in 2007.

Online records don't indicate when she was released.

"According to Fugitive Unit investigators, Pehrigo violated the terms of her parole by having contact with the victim," the AGs office says. "As a result, a corresponding parole violation warrant was issued."

She was booked and jailed in Travis County. Here's unembeddable video of her perp walk.

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