Lesson One, Criminal Masterminds: Don't Call The Cops If You've Got 270 Pounds Of Pot In Your House

There is a tangled tale coming out of Montgomery County (where else), but one lesson seems clear -- if you're hoarding 270 pounds of pot in your house, think twice before calling the cops about something.

Think three or four times. And we don't mean dope-addled "thinking" like examining all the symbols on a dollar bill.

Montgomery County sheriffs deputies were called
to a house in Magnolia by a woman who said her husband had been kidnapped by gunmen.

It apparently never occurred to her that an investigation would follow, one that might include a look around the house for evidence.

But look they did, and discovered three 20-pound packages of pot in the backyard. Their curiosity aroused, they looked inside and found another another 10 bundles.

"It's just for my husband's personal use," the woman should have tried, but she didn't. She was taken in.

Whether her husband was really kidnapped or not -- there is some talk of him receiving a gunshot wound -- remains the kind of mystery that tends to happen in a house with 270 pounds of pot in it.

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Richard Connelly
Contact: Richard Connelly