Let The Bidding For Galveston's HS Football Stars Begin!!

High school football could be the last thing on anyone’s mind in Galveston, but Ball High School football coach Ron Holmes has already said that he’ll help his players

find a transfer

if the season is canceled. Two or three missed games – much less a missed season – could be the difference in whether or not a student lands an athletic scholarship, according to Dave Stephenson, who runs Titus Sports Marketing and is the former president of

Dave Campbell’s Texas Football


“Everything I hear is [Galveston Ball] is not going to field a team for the rest of the fall. I think the schools in Texas City, La Marque, Santa Fe, Dickinson are all wondering if they’ll ever play again,” Stephenson said. “There are a lot of players who can fall through the cracks because it’s hard enough for a college to recruit, and now you have to track down hundreds of players throughout southeast Texas and wonder where they landed. That’s going to be a very tall task for somebody on the fringe.”

Some of the players might not have to look too hard, if post-Katrina-type recruiting starts happening, when, according to this article, Robert E. Lee High School in Baytown brought in some New Orleans refugees to play on the team and helped one player’s dad find housing and a job.

“There could be recruiting no question…you could have a football program that is able to field a team the rest of the year that could bring in a lot of students that are football players,” Stephenson says.

According to Kim Rogers, director of public information for the University Interscholastic League, schools can provide housing and transportation for displaced students. A student has to wait 15 days before playing in a varsity game, but could start practicing or playing a junior varsity game immediately.

Katy Independent School District cranked up games Thursday and will continue through the weekend. Only a few high schools from other districts are playing games this weekend. The UIL is allowing multiple games to be played in the same week, before October 4, to make up canceled games. If teams are still without a team after that date, the UIL will reassess.

“That’s not something that we’ve dealt with yet,” Rogers says.

-- Paul Knight

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