Let's Compare Alma Maters: The New US News Rankings (Texas Edition)

Photo by Daderot via Wikepedia
Rice is Highest Ranked in Texas
The new U.S. News and World Report college rankings are out. For all their flaws, it's still the standard by which many anxious applicants rank themselves and their peers. Let me guess, the Top 5 universities are Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Columbia and Stanford? Boom, I nailed it.

But you probably didn't go to one of those schools. So, how about the alma maters of many of the folks in the Houston area? How did those schools fare?

Well, Rice University, for the low price of $38,000 a year, comes in at No. 18. But maybe you didn't rock your SATs enough to be Owl material. Who's next? Well, we have to travel all the way down to No. 52, where we have Tulane, Univ. of Texas, Ohio State, George Washington Univ. and University of Washington all tied. I can't be too happy about this company if I'm a Green Wave or Longhorn.

But, hey UT, at least you beat A&M -- they're No. 69 (tied with Rutgers and Univ. of Minnesota). But don't forget SMU coming in at No. 60! There you go Mustangs, at least you can beat A&M in academics, if not football! Watch out, Aggies, Baylor is creeping at No. 75.

What about TCU? They suddenly got good at football and that usually (I'm serious) improves a schools' rankings (more kids apply, they turn more kids away, their selectivity goes up, etc). Well, they're No. 82!

So far, Texas institutions of higher education are doing pretty well in the top 100 here.

But Houston is a large cosmopolitan city that draws in folks from all over. What about some of the other usual suspects? Well, we have Roll Tide at No. 86. Univ. of Kansas is No. 101, but No. 100 in our hearts. The Sooners are right there with the Jayhawks at No. 101, and LSU is No. 135.

Uh-oh, we're starting to get into "lesser regarded territory." UT-Dallas is No. 142, beating Texas Tech, which is No. 161 (math is hard). Sorry, Coogs, UH is at No. 190. That can't be right. The US News methodology is BS! But have no fear, my UH friends, Sam Houston State, get this, doesn't even get a ranking (RNP = Ranking Not Published).Oh, sorry, if you went to Lamar Univ. in Beaumont -- heard it's a great college town -- they're RNP too.

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