Let's Hear It for Houston, Home to 4 of TxDot's 10 Most Congested Highway Stretches

The Texas Department of Transportation has released its annual list of the most angst-producing stretches of highway in the state, and once again the Houston area is not to be denied.

Four of the top 10 most congested "roadway segments" are within driving distance, if by "driving" you mean "sitting in traffic waiting in vain to move."

We don't have the number one spot -- that honor goes to I-35 between I-30 and State Highway 183 in Tarrant County. And number two belongs to Dallas County, LBJ between I-35 and the Central Expressway.

After that, though, it's Houston time.

Number 3. I-45 between the Loop and the Beltway North 7. U.S. 59 between I-10 and 288 8. The Southwest Freeway between 288 and the Loop 10. I-45 between I-10 and downtown.

Dallas has its fair share among the Top 10, to be sure, but for sheer aggravation we're giving the award to Houston because even if you beat the traffic in Dallas, you're still in Dallas, so why be pissed about not getting out of the car?

TxDOT has lots of facts and figures allegedly showing the dollar amounts lost by drivers spending time in traffic, all of which we're sure are based on the same highly scientific analysis that demonstrates having a Super Bowl in town will bring a city $458.82 gazillion each time it occurs.

TxDOT also offers its mitigation plans for improving bad spots; unfortunately in the case of Houston, those plans often seem to include building light-rail segments, something authorities have not yet demonstrated a real knack for doing.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.