Let's Talk About Pakistan (and America, too)

I am Kamran Khalid, a Pakistani journalist visiting the United States under the U.S.-Pakistan Professional Partnership Program in Journalism, a cultural exchange program run by the International Center for Journalists and the U.S. State Department. While I'm here I hope to learn more about American culture and to share with people my experiences in Pakistan.

I will be working at the Houston Press for three weeks, covering a variety of stories. I also plan to write an article at the end of my time here that shares my experience visiting America. In the meantime, I would be happy to meet people from all walks of life in and around Houston.

People from our countries may hold misconceptions about each other. I believe my time here will be a great opportunity for me to move beyond stereotypes and to meet and engage with people living in Texas. I hope to gain a better understanding of American culture and society so that I can share these experiences with my people in Pakistan.

In Pakistan I work for Saday e Quaid, a monthly news magazine in the town of Gujjar Khan. There I cover various topics, such as healthcare, education, politics, the arts, science and technology, and crime. I began my career in journalism in 2008 at Pakistan's renowned Urdu newspaper Daily Nawai Waqt in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. I have worked with various liberal and secular English-language newspapers, such as the Daily Jang, Daily Dawn and Daily Dunya News. For three years I've covered politics in Pakistan, including reporting on the country's parliament.

I received a master's degree in economics and bachelor's degrees in economics and journalism from the International Islamic University Islamabad. My ultimate goal is to earn a PhD in political economy from a university outside of Pakistan.

Contact Kamran Khalid at kamran.rkkj@gmail.com and follow him on Twitter at @kamranrkkj

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.