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Thrill to Steele

Laugh lines: Hilarious article ["How to Be Famous in Ten Easy Steps," by Keith Plocek, April 29]! Well written and very well played! I have never been a fan of trendy clubs, nor am I impressed by anyone famous -- their fame adds nothing to my quality of life.

But I have to admit that from now on whenever I pass a club with a line outside the door, I'll get a pretty big chuckle, thanks to the late Trent Steele. Even those who frequent these places have got to laugh at this one.

John C. O'Donnell

VIP-VIP hooray: Loved the "Famous" article! Used to play that game myself…
Dayna Steele Justiz

Who's exposing who? This is undeniably one of the most exaggerated articles I have yet to read -- not to mention that it is a load of crock! I was out on the night that this so-called producer character "Trent Steele" was downtown. I called him out on not being anyone famous.

His bodyguards and his women didn't fool me or anyone around me, either. All I could see was him losing his cool over and over again. In fact, his bodyguards were the ones doing all of the talking to convince me and others that he was famous and to get him into the clubs.

He honestly looked like a cheap ass trying to fool his way into the clubs. He probably got into most of them by causing more frustration for the workers who didn't want to deal with him and his posse, rather than on the premise that he was someone famous. I know because I followed him to see what kind of shit this guy was up to.

I've been around a lot of famous people who go out in Houston, and not a single one travels with a lot of bodyguards, women and camera guys!

Keith makes it seem like it was so easy. He doesn't mention how long it took him to get into some of these places.

Laura Allen

Gotcha: What a great piece you did. I'm all about hearing stories of trickery and deception. Thanks for the laughs.

Be sound,
Derek Sollosi Webster

Reality check: I loved this story! Someone please make a movie of it. Or it could be a reality TV series with a different big city every week. I wish I could have been one of the hangers-on, or maybe the older but hot sugar mama.

Colleen Wolfe

Emmylou's Exception

Lighting up the festival: I hate to beat an old horse into the ground, but I agree with what seems to be the majority of people who took in the 2004 International Festival [Letters, "Festering Fest," April 29].

There's one exception: the April 24 concert by Emmylou Harris. This was a great effort, one for the ages. The sun came out when she started to play and it stayed out for her entire performance of close to two hours. She played a lot of her old classics as well as a number of new compositions. In addition, she honored the many Texan singer-songwriters she has worked with throughout her career by performing their works.

John Anders

RevCap's Revenge

Taxing issue: As the author of RevCap, I believe it would be appropriate for you to become knowledgeable on the subject before issuing any further knee-jerk commentary [Hair Balls, "Help Wanted," April 29].

Al Hartman and Let The People Vote PAC did the hard work of getting the 20,000 petition signatures to get RevCap on the ballot. About 1,000 signers felt so strongly that they attached contribution checks. Al and the other LTPV people deserve the public's heartfelt thanks, rather than uninformed ridicule by the Press.

FYI, I am chairman of Citizens For Public Accountability, which was recently founded by some retired partners of Houston's accounting firms and includes Democrats, Republicans and independents. CPA's goal is to make nonpartisan facts available regarding the finances of Houston local governments, school districts and our state government.

I advise you to visit our Web site, www.citizensforpublicaccountability.com, and study its articles. There is a piece on one of your favorite gripes, term limits. I will be glad to publicly debate you on term limits if you feel so inclined.

Please let me know when you wish to hold an intelligent and fact-based discussion regarding RevCap.

Bob Lemer

Zoned Out

The time traveler: In the Night & Day picks ["April 15], Keith Plocek rags on the lyrics for the song "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere," saying "it doesn't take a genius to know that it can't be 5 p.m. anywhere when it's 12:30 p.m. somewhere else."

Consulting the Olson time zone database, it turns out that there are 12 time zones with offsets landing on the half-hour. Further calculations relative to those zones reveal 160 candidates out of 367 possible time zones for an offset such as the song suggests.

The next time I'm in Los Angeles in the winter, for example, I can enjoy a 12:30 toast to Jimmy Buffett down in St. John's, where he will no doubt be enjoying his favorite frozen concoction. Jimmy, on the other hand, will have to content himself with a lunchtime toast toward somewhere such as Budapest.

Things are further complicated by Asia/Katmandu and Pacific/Chatham zones, which have 45-minute offsets.

Matt Sisk

Texas Music Twists

At risk: That has got to be one of the funniest, truest lists I've ever read [Racket, by John Nova Lomax, April 29]! The Kenny Rogers "consensus" made me laugh out loud. Thanks for risking your hipster card!

Mary Sack
Nashville, Tennessee

Urban cowbore: "Worst Texas Songs" with nothing from Lubbock's Mac Davis? Okay, he deserves some respect for "Tequila, Sheila," which is fun when somebody else sings it with a little snap. But "Hard to be Humble"? Admittedly tongue-in-cheek, but this waltz-time mind tick makes me think of Travolta swirling around Gilley's looking for a mirror.

Steve Kennedy
Deer Park

Straight Shooters

No way gay: Maybe the pictures are evaluated through the eyes or mind-set of a queer guy ["Queer Eye for the Country Guy," by John Nova Lomax, April 29]. I've never thought of any of these men as being gay. And when I look at the pictures, all I see is a young kid starting out becoming extremely successful (well, except Pat).

People mature, physically too, and -- yes -- their image changes, and from where I'm sitting, it ain't bad. As for George -- well, he's just George and he's got it, whatever it is. Kenny and Tim had to evolve into it. But "it" isn't gay or looking like it. So, mind-set or personal?

Cheryl Stroup
Allen, Texas

Macho matters: When I read your story, I feel as though you are a little jealous of these talented stars. Is it that maybe you do not have any balls and you are torn between sexes? Kenny Chesney is a lot more of a man than you will ever be.

I bet you were even at the rodeo yelling and screaming for him. Grow up and be a man. If you do have opinions about someone, remember what your mama taught you: If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it all!

Lori Bess
Magnolia Springs, Texas

Down Pat: I just wanted you to know that I find your article extremely offensive. I am shocked at the way you slammed Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney and Pat Green. Just because they are striving to improve their image to appeal to a wider audience does not mean they are gay.

What in the world is wrong with working out and being healthy? If you notice, their fan base is much younger than George Strait's. They are trying to reach a younger audience. In this country, entertainers are under a lot of pressure to look young and be fit. I'm also shocked at what you said about Ty Herndon. I can't believe you published a rumor. All he did was relieve himself in a park and he's been under attack for years. He was addicted at the time and has since cleaned up his life, and he was married for seven years. I know I'm sorry that I ever heard of the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy show. It just encourages gay-bashing and finger-pointing.

Thank you for your time and letting me express my opinion. Even if we don't agree.

Patty Perine
Columbus, Ohio

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.