Lettuce Truck Also Had a Ton of Pot, If You Needed Any with Your Salad

Hey, that's not lettuce
It was just another lettuce truck, haulin' the mean green out there in the 13400 block of the East Freeway.

Paulino Guerra, 35, was driving the 18-wheeler when a Houston cop pulled him over for what HPD says was a routine truck inspection.

And, well, there was more than one type of leaf in there.

HPD says the truck was hauling -- in addition to lettuce -- about a ton of pot, worth $3.1 million on the market. (No price estimate was given for the lettuce.)

"Traffic Stop Yields a Lot More Than Heads of Lettuce," was the header on their press release.

We don't know if they still call refrigerated trucks "reefers" and, frankly, we would never stoop so low.

Guerra is charged with felony possession of marijuana.


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