Lewis Scholten Jr.: Trailer Park Party King, Awesome Facebooker Busted for Murder

A trailer park stabbing just off Rockport's Monkey Drive has led one man to the cemetery and another to the Aransas County Detention Center.

According to KRIS-TV, early Monday morning 26-year-old Matthew Chipps went to the home of 42-year-old Lewis Scholten Jr and an argument broke out. According to a witness quoted in court documents, Scholten accused Chipps of stealing from him, and Chipps pulled a gun. The witness said she went inside and then heard something that sounded like someone getting hit.

A few hours later, Chipps's body was found in front of a Monkey Road mechanic shop. He'd been stabbed once in the neck, and had left a trail of blood from Scholten's driveway to the spot where he breathed his last.

Scholten went on the lam in a green Saturn and was apprehended the next day by the Gulf Coast Violent Offenders Task Force as he was walking out of a smoke shop in Rockport. In his possession was a three-inch switchblade.

One of Scholten's neighbors told KRIS-TV that there was frequent "activity" around his home and that they believed much of it was drug-related. A stolen car was reportedly found on the premises.

And if the "Good Times" photo album on Scholten's rollicking Facebook page is to be believed, there was plenty of, shall we say, roistering going on there. It's a masterpiece of Rockport-style bacchanalia, one depraved tableau after another of inked and pierced party girls, piratical-looking dudes and a huge redfish or two. There's merry blond "Switchblade Shelby" holding aloft a big bottle of Gallo wine; another woman with the words "dick" and "head" tattooed on her fingers, and burly Scholten himself, showing off a torso stained with blue-ink images of every monster Hell has ever known. And the cover shot is over a shapely female derriere with the word "Lewis" scripted just above the crack.

Scholten's likes include the film he called "Harlydavidson and the Marbro Man" and "acting goffy," "drinking beer" and "chasing women," but most of those entertainment options are now off the table, at least for the time being. This Toulouse-Lautrec of Rockport debauchery stands accused of murder and is being held on $500,000 bond.

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