License Plate Auction: The Bidding For World's Dumbest Texan Will Open Soon

Ever since the state privatized its vanity license plate business a while back, the company that's taken it over has gotten more and more creative.

They greatly expanded the variety of plates you could grossly overpay for, and offered a groovy online app where you could try out different combinations.

Now, My Plates is offering the chance to embarrass yourself in front of the world.

How much would you pay for a license plate that says "COWBOYS"?

Of course it would be COWBOYS for the inaugural auction. My Plates knows their customer base.

The company is expecting big things:

In Abu Dhabi, an oil sheikh paid $14 million for "1." In Delaware, a collector paid $675,000 for "6."

What will a Texan pay for "COWBOYS?" We'll find out at the state's first-ever live auction of official Texas license plates in September in Dallas.

Maybe NFL owner, Jerry Jones, will bid for the exclusive right to celebrate his team on the bumper of his car?

Maybe oil tycoon turned clean energy guru, T. Boone Pickens, will offer some competition to celebrate the Cowboys of his alma mater Oklahoma State?

Or maybe seven-time World Champion All-Around Cowboy, Ty Murray, will ride in from Stephenville to throw his hat in the ring?.

Or maybe some obnoxious but hitherto anonymous  Dallasite will buy it for his silver-and-blue Canyonero.

Like we say, My Plates knows its audience -- the auction will be a tres Dallas event, in the Cowboys Stadium. LIVE!, says spokesperson Kim Miller Drummond. Thirty combinations will go up for bids -- we're guessing Longhorns, Aggies and, ummm, OBAMASUX will be on the list. (Maybe not that last one.)

Proceeds will be split between the state's general fund, My Plates and "designated charities."

It sounds like a very classy event. A very Dallas event.

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